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Re: sound problem ibook g4

2011/4/29, m laks <mlaks2000@yahoo.com>:
> it is an ibook g4 from 2004 perhaps late.
> it is not a powermac.
I was talking about the Model Identifier:
.Try: cat /proc/device-tree/model

> its not a volume issue. i hear fine just strange sounds. alsamixer set to 99
> or lower for master  and stuff for pcm . why would treble and bass have any
> effect?
A bug in the driver, one might say.

> in a week when i get back from a conference if neccessary I will trash the
> install and reinstall and try again.
> (i have never had to reinstall debian every before on 10's of  machines!!!)
> this is a very sad occurence!!! i have never had this idea of reinstalling -
> so windows like. :(
Maybe you are over-reacting. If we can find out what makes the
difference between your and my installation...

To run exactly the same driver:
1) install stock kernel for squeeze: linux-image-2.6.32-5-powerpc (2.6.32-31)
2) install my driver package:

To 'refresh' your alsa driver, you could try to remove (or rename)


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