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Re: sound problem ibook g4

it is an ibook g4 from 2004 perhaps late.

it is not a powermac.

its not a volume issue. i hear fine just strange sounds. alsamixer set to 99 or lower for master  and stuff for pcm . why would treble and bass have any effect?

in a week when i get back from a conference if neccessary I will trash the install and reinstall and try again.

(i have never had to reinstall debian every before on 10's of  machines!!!) this is a very sad occurence!!! i have never had this idea of reinstalling - so windows like. :(


> Looks like snd-aoa is not even trying to support this
> machine, snd-powermac is.
> And Ubuntu 10.04 uses the same version of kernel, 2.6.32.
> But it is
> running pulseaudio on top on snd-powermac.
> Is it possible that the problem is caused by some old
> volume control
> data? Is it a fresh install?
> Have you tried to adjust the controls in alsamixer? Take
> off
> everything else, and add just some Master volume and PCM.
> Risto
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