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Re: Using a second screen with an iBook G4

Hi, Benjamin.

On 04/24/11 16:12, Rogério Brito wrote:
> On 04/24/11 12:26, Benjamin Cama wrote:
>> Section "Screen"
>>         Identifier      "Default Screen"
>> […]
>>         SubSection "Display"
>>                 Virtual         3360 1050
>>         EndSubSection
>> EndSection
> Thanks for the comments. I will post back my results.

Just for the record, the solution above works almost perfectly. It even showed
the correct frequencies that the monitor is able to handle (something that
wasn't displayed before). Here is what works:

* only the notebook video enabled.
* both the notebook and the external monitor enabled, with the monitor as the
extension of the internal monitor.
* I could not put the display on the external monitor only. When I turned off
the internal monitor, the external one showed a message that it was not running
"at an optimum resolution" and, besides that message, was completely black.

Anyway, I am much happier now than earlier.


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