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Re: Using a second screen with an iBook G4

Hi Rogério,

Le dimanche 24 avril 2011 à 05:00 -0300, Rogério Brito a écrit :
> * When I plug an external (1920x1080) monitor on it, I can only get 1024x768 on
> the external monitor, which is, of course, quite bad. More than that, I can only
> use the external monitor if I disable the internal monitor, because, otherwise,
> I get a message (paraphrased) that tells me that the largest screen that can be
> allocated is 1024x1024.

I think this limitation is due to some Xorg configuration parameter. I
think that with a Screen section with a larger virtual resolution you
can solve this, as in this excerpt:

Section "Screen"
        Identifier      "Default Screen"
        SubSection "Display"
                Virtual         3360 1050

(Here, it's calculated for two 1680x1050 monitors side by side; do the
math for your 1024x768 + 1920x1080)

BTW, the “Open Firmware” limitation is just a hint for the OS, I think;
you can get larger resolution in linux without this hack. It's just a
soft limitation.


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