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Re: PowerMac G4 (Digital Audio) sound

2011/4/13, Thomas Carlson <tcarlson@sharedcup.com>:
> I tried today's (4/13/11) Daily Build #5, that uses the installer build from Sid
> on my 533MHz PowerMac G4 (Digital Audio) and guess what?  The sound worked.
> I was able to adjust the volume and set a sound theme.  The correct device for
> this machine, PowerMac Tumbler (Alsa mixer), had been installed.  I checked
> under /etc/modprobe.d and no files were blacklisted except snd-aoa in
> blacklist.local.conf.
It should be impossible. I don't like this kind of resolution. It
won't last. Nothing has changed. Unless the blacklisting mechanism

But the correct fix (backlist the other snd-aoa modules) is on its way
through the machinery. So, there is hope.


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