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Re: PowerMac G4 (Digital Audio) sound

On 12/19/10 16:35, Risto Suominen wrote:
Thank you, Rick,

With the external speakers plugged in, the grateful dead have left the
theater (no sound).

No amount of plugging or unplugging or manually typing M to any of the controls gives any sound -- either thru the built-in speaker or the external speakers.

Headphone is muted. If you unplug and plug again, is it still only the
Speakers control (and second Headphone D) changing? Can you unmute
Headphone manually (with M)?

Typing M at various controls turns them on (display is OO) or off (MM) as follows:

Master: yes
Headphone: yes
Headphone Detect Autoswitch: yes
Headphone Detected: no
Speakers: yes
DRC Range: yes

Which is pretty much what I would expect (except for the total lack of sound regardless of configuration)

With "Headphone Detect Autoswitch" turned on (OO) pluging and unplugging the external speaker switch the configuration back and forth between "Headphone" and "Speakers", as one would expect (except for the lack of sound.)

And the PCM control is active (try to increase it)?

The PCM control is active. It can be increased and decreased, but still no sound.

Looks like my patch added some functionality, but not enough...


Hope this helps.


PS: I'll be away from the test-lab for a few weeks. I hope somebody else can help Risto while I'm away.

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