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Re: Call for testers: new yaboot package release - power5 installation report

On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 3:04 PM, xavier grave <xavier.grave@ipno.in2p3.fr> wrote:
>> What kind of installation type did you use? (auto/install/expert)
> install64
> What kind of check do you want me to do ?

I meant I'm gonna do some check this installer what modules are
included at its boot-time.
If you got this error message during the install, I guess this module
should be put in initrams. Trying this image on various machines is
very helpful, it makes clear what drivers are needed for a complete

I see two ways to collect these modules:
a) checking the installer on several machines.
 advantage: only the really neccessary drivers will be used (IBM
PowerX users, Mac Gx users, etc).
 disadvantage: machines may remain not-fully-supported (if no such
volunteer during testing time)
b) using module list from the official image.
 advantage: probably all hw supported
 disadvantage: unneccessary modules included (I'm sure the official
image supports my RS6000 brontosaur in the corner of the server-room
but I have no idea why to install debian on that)

What do you guys suggest to do?

I know this di image is not comfortable yet; partitioning is not
interactive, kernel modules as probably tuned only for Power5 (the
hardware used to build the iso), missing support for various RAID
controllers etc. So there are lots of things to do.
The most bothering issue is the install failure, reported by Gary on his G5.

At least, it seems Yaboot 1.3.13a1 can be replaced by 1.3.16 in the
official image (built by official di experts).

Thanks again for the effort,


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