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Re: Call for testers: new yaboot package release - power5 installation report

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Le 07/10/2010 20:40, Zsombor a écrit :
> Thank you everyone for the hosting offers.
> I'm planning to create other experimental cd-sets regarding to this
> port (of course with Yaboot 1.3.16), and live-usb images.
> Please let me know what packages should be included. I see more Mac
> users than IBM PowerPC but it seems it works well on both.
> So, if you're interested in some kind of installer/live image just
> send me the required configuration (package list) and I'm going to
> build it. (Actually, I'm playing with an amd64port live usb image that
> fits to a small pendrive)
> Please be aware of that I use my Power5 machine remotely via serial
> console so I cannot test the GUI :) However after a successful startup
> I think everything should work well as the official images do so.


I'm trying to do an install with the last iso you made us available
(thanks a lot one more time) and I hit this wall :
the ethernet board isn't recognised.
My configuration : is a power6 based machine
Machine type-model: 8203-E4A
My ethernet board needs this module : ehea
it seems it's not available :
ls /lib/modules/2.6.32-5-powerpc64/kernel/drivers/net/
3c59x.ko       dummy.ko       mii.ko         s2io.ko        tokenring
8139cp.ko      e100.ko        natsemi.ko     sis900.ko      tulip
8139too.ko     e1000          ne2k-pci.ko    skfp           typhoon.ko
8390.ko        e1000e         ns83820.ko     starfire.ko    via-rhine.ko
appletalk      epic100.ko     pcmcia         sundance.ko    wan
arcnet         fealnx.ko      pcnet32.ko     sungem.ko      wireless
b44.ko         hamachi.ko     phy            sungem_phy.ko  yellowfin.ko
defxx.ko       ibmveth.ko     ps3_gelic.ko   sunhme.ko
dl2k.ko        ixgb           r8169.ko       tg3.ko

Do you have any idea how to solve this ?

Thanks in advance for any hint, I prefer to avoid to reach yaboot part
without a clean and solid base. xavier
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