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Debian on Xilinx FPGA's


My name is Spenser Gilliland.  I am an Electrical and Computer Engineer at Baylor.  I spent quite a bit of time over the past few months putting Debian on a cluster of FPGAs.  It was quite an adventure with several pitfalls.  In order to reduce the complexity, I have started collecting information at the http://wiki.debian.org/FPGA wiki page.  I see FPGA's as a possible future direction for all embedded systems, and having good documentation for installing and using Linux/Debian on these devices would increase the relevance of Debian in the future.

The next step after documentation is experimenting with some really interesting concepts like Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration, creating co-processors or implementing entirely new processors.  FPGA's are the most flexible electrical device in history and I believe they are the gateway to the next wave of computing advances.

I wanted to see who is interested in this kind of work and try to create a good community around FGPA's and Debian  I choose this list because the FPGAs I am using utilizes a PowerPC processor but if this program gets of the ground it may be resonable to create a new mailing list.  Let me know if you are working on this or want to work with me or have any suggestions about other list I should send this too.

Spenser Gilliland

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