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Re: Debian on Xilinx FPGA's

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Spenser Gilliland a écrit :
> Hi,
> My name is Spenser Gilliland.  I am an Electrical and Computer Engineer at
> Baylor.  I spent quite a bit of time over the past few months putting Debian
> on a cluster of FPGAs.  It was quite an adventure with several pitfalls.  In
> order to reduce the complexity, I have started collecting information at the
> http://wiki.debian.org/FPGA wiki page.  I see FPGA's as a possible future
> direction for all embedded systems, and having good documentation for
> installing and using Linux/Debian on these devices would increase the
> relevance of Debian in the future.
> The next step after documentation is experimenting with some really
> interesting concepts like Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration, creating
> co-processors or implementing entirely new processors.  FPGA's are the most
> flexible electrical device in history and I believe they are the gateway to
> the next wave of computing advances.
> I wanted to see who is interested in this kind of work and try to create a
> good community around FGPA's and Debian  I choose this list because the
> FPGAs I am using utilizes a PowerPC processor but if this program gets of
> the ground it may be resonable to create a new mailing list.  Let me know if
> you are working on this or want to work with me or have any suggestions
> about other list I should send this too.
> Thanks,
> Spenser Gilliland

In our lab we also use linux on Virtex but not a Debian (busybox for the
moment), thanks for your documentation effort.
I'm really interested to get more informations when you have some.

Thanks one more time, xavier
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