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Re: NFS mounts: access rights problem

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 08:11:49PM +0100, Mich Lanners wrote:
>On  26 Feb, this message from Gaudenz Steinlin echoed through cyberspace:
>>>I'm banging my head against a NFS problem. Since recently, probably
>>>the last big Testing update on the NFS client, there is a problem
>>>with access rights to files on the NFS server.

What versions are you using on the server and client?

Can you reproduce the bug with version 1:1.1.4-1 of nfs-common and/or

>>You probably need the sec=sys mount option on the client. The default
>>seems to have changed. I remeber there was a bug report about it, but
>>I can't find it right now.
>That did the trick, thanks.
>I had read about the sec= option in the nfs man page, but the value
>sec=sys isn't explained anywhere obvious.
>And no, indeed, I didn't see any bug related to that either. nfs-common
>changelog doesn't give any hint neither.


>Oh well...

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