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NFS mounts: access rights problem


This is probably not really on topic here, so please excuse me...

I'm banging my head against a NFS problem. Since recently, probably the
last big Testing update on the NFS client, there is a problem with
access rights to files on the NFS server.

The client is only allowed to access according to "other" rights, as if
uid/gid mapping between client an server doesn't work anymore. Although
I use same uid/gids on client and server, a user cannot access his files
on the server. Neither can root, although no_root_squash is in effect.

I'm running v3, so no idmapd involved. It has always worked in the past.
I have found no bug related to nfs-common.

Does anybody have ideas to further debug this? Seen the same problem?

Thanks, and cheers


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