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Re: Help! Newbie install problem; simple solution?

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deleteme pisze:
> Thanks--I think you have given me a path forward, but can you work
> with my "newbie-ness" for a moment?
> 1. How would I attach the xorg.conf file? Do I need to redo the
> install using a CD containing both my .iso file and your copy of the
> .conf file? If you mean something else by "attaching a working
> xorg.conf file", would you explain how to do that? Without a working
> system, I can't move any file onto the system--or do anything else
> at all.
> 2. Recall that I can't do anything as root, because the system
> 'boots' to an unuseable login screen. There is no dual-boot or other
> working system on this hardware, just my crippled Etch installation.
> Please let me know if there is a way to interrupt the start-up of
> the crippled login screens and type in the dpkg-reconfigure command
> that you have provided.
> I appreciate the assistance--it seems like this will be solveable
> fairly quickly.
You may enter single-user mode in which X is not started. When yaboot
gives you an option to choose kernel (it will be right after you can
choose between linux, macos or cdrom if it works the same way it works
here) just type "Linux single" and you should be quickly dropped to
console. Alternatively you may use Alt+Ctrl+F1-6 after a normal boot
to switch to a (hopefully) working terminal.
To get xorg.conf Bob attached you could simply put it on a webserver,
or on an ftp account and wget it.

Hope this helps.

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Andrzej Mendel
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