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Re: Help! Newbie install problem; simple solution?

Thanks--I think you have given me a path forward, but can you work with my "newbie-ness" for a moment?

1. How would I attach the xorg.conf file? Do I need to redo the install using a CD containing both my .iso file and your copy of the .conf file? If you mean something else by "attaching a working xorg.conf file", would you explain how to do that? Without a working system, I can't move any file onto the system--or do anything else at all.

2. Recall that I can't do anything as root, because the system 'boots' to an unuseable login screen. There is no dual-boot or other working system on this hardware, just my crippled Etch installation. Please let me know if there is a way to interrupt the start-up of the crippled login screens and type in the dpkg-reconfigure command that you have provided.

I appreciate the assistance--it seems like this will be solveable fairly quickly.

On Jan 1, 2009, at 5:12 PM, Bob Lounsbury wrote:

On Thu, Jan 1, 2009 at 2:01 PM, deleteme <deleteme@coderelay.com> wrote:
I have a New World iBook G3, and I'm installing
"Debian-40r6-powerpc-netinst.iso". Everything went smoothly until the first boot-up of the new system. The log-in screen isn't rendered correctly--the top half is at the bottom and the bottom is at the top; also the right-half of the screen is blacked out. What am I doing wrong? (I was able to supply my username and password, but after they were accepted the screen was still

I know that my hardware is normal because the display was fine with Mac 9 and then it was fine rendering the Debian installation screens. Has anyone encountered this, and is there a known fix without a lot of "try this, try
that" guesswork?

Yes, everytime I install Etch. I attached a working xorg.conf file or
you can run (as root):

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

Answer the questions and it will set up a proper xorg.conf file for you.


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