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Re: Pommed ignores fnmode option in the conf file

Francesco Pedrini <f_pedrini@tiscali.it> wrote:


> Ok, i've an ADB keboard... but i don't get any error from pommed (except 
> the stuff about LMU, but is it related only to the cdrom, right?), the 
> full log is attached.

The LMU error is expected on this machine and harmless. It's related
to the keyboard backlight (which you don't have).

Also there's no error message because the USB HID module is loaded on
your machine, so the path exists. I used to run a kernel with ADB only
on my PowerBook :-)

> There is anything that i can try without switching back to pbbuttonsd?
> Some sort of experimental patch or things like that, it should not be 
> impossible since pbbuttonsd does that... i'll offer cputime and 
> tests :D

Indeed I've overlooked a chunk of code in pbbuttonsd at the time the
pmac support was added to pommed :)

I'll prepare a patch and I'll send it to you for testing. Should be
tomorrow or sometime this week.


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