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Re: Very weird results with X.org and fresh sid install

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Rogério Brito pisze:
| Hi again, Bob.
| On Jun 02 2008, Bob Lounsbury wrote:
|> On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 11:57 AM, Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br> wrote:
|>> On May 30 2008, Bob Lounsbury wrote:
|>>> dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
|>> Thanks. "Been there, done that" before posting to the list (and before
|>> even pointing Ubuntu to the problem, which was some time ago).
|> Just to clarify (and sorry for insulting your intelligence), doing the
|> dpkg does not correct your screen resolution problem. Right?
| Using dpkg-reconfigure does not correct the screen resolution. I have
| already tried:
| * going back to kernel 2.6.8;
| * using the same modeline that the console uses (via fbset -x) in the
|   xorg.conf file;
| * setting and unsetting the flag to use the kernel framebuffer.
|> Or, it does correct the screen resolution, but you're trying to find
|> the root cause of why it wasn't correct in the first place.
| No, I still can't get that right. I filed a bug on
| xserver-xorg-video-ati and, luckily, Michel Dänzer replied. A new thread
| has been created on <debian-x@l.d.o>.
X.org's ATI teams rocks, really :)
|>> The problem seems to be related with the r128 kernel and the ati driver
|>> from X and some interrelation between them. :-( There's some bad
|>> interaction there. :-(
|> The dpkg worked for me on Debian Etch about 2 weeks ago to correct the
|> screen resolution. If doing this on Debian Sid does not work, then I
|> agree with you there is some problem with the newer r128 kernel and
|> ati drivers.
| Which xserver are you using (version, I mean)? Since I still have no
| important data on this machine, I can experiment a bit.
| Regards, Rogério.
Try to toy with xrandr - it takes care of all resolution/multiple screen stuff pretty much obsoleting settings in xorg.conf. You may need to add appropriate modelines to your Monitor section in xorg.conf if EDID returned by monitor is wrong and states lower max resolution than possible (I had this problem once it was a bug in xf86-video-ati).

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