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Re: Mouse doesn't work on iBook G4 after sleep in Sid

Le vendredi 28 mars 2008 à 10:45 +0100, Gaudenz Steinlin a écrit :

> I also see this occasionally. It does not happen on every suspend/resume
> cycle. But for me it's always enogh to just rmmod and modprobe
> appletouch. Just switch to a text console with ctrl-alt-f1, login as
> root and type "rmmod appletouch ; modprobe appletouch".
> My machine is a powerbook5,8 and I'm using 2.6.25-rc7 (self compiled).

I also experience this on my up-to-date sid, ibook g14 12"

I am *not* sure it is related to suspend / resume, but it may.

Sometimes, my mouse is stuck, though some kind of event (click, move
event) are still sent to x server.

If i modprobe -r appletouch && modprobe appletouch, i an get back
correct *basic* mouse movement. synaptic related stuff are gone.

Strangest stuff is this: if i switch to console, then back to x, i get
my synaptic stuff ( finger scroll, tap to click, etc.) back.

So i think it is related to synaptic driver.

I use a custom compiled 2.6.24


Thomas Constans
06 23 37 87 85
09 71 73 91 75

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