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Re: Ban for debian-powerp on Sven Luther lifted.

On Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 12:06:57PM +0200, benoar@free.fr wrote:
> Selon Sven Luther <sven@powerlinux.fr>:
> > On Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 07:57:18AM +0200, Ingo Juergensmann wrote:
> > > But...
> > > Sven, I think it would be better to let the story rest in peace and to go on
> > > and look forward instead looking backward. Nobody can change what happened,
> > > but it will make many things easier for you, when you don't look back in
> > > anger and always pointing everyone to what happened to you.
> >
> > Yes, but when i tried to do this, during my self imposed ban in
> > january/february for example, and tried to go forward helping organize
> > the FOSDEM booth, they chose the occasion to relaunch the expulsion
> > procedure. Or when i provided over 30 patches for powerpc despite the
> > constrants set upon me, as documented in the wiki pages, they removed my
> > right to upload my own .udeb providing packages.
> >
> > I have tried this many times in the past, and they wouldn't let me.
> I think that what everyone is trying to explain you is that this is not by
> always telling the same story on different mailing lists that you will solve
> this problem. I understand that you can't let this go as if nothing happened,
> because there have been mistakes from both sides, and that you have been the
> only one to be punished, and this is not fair.

Indeed, which is why i started another thread, clearly pointing the
current situation, with all its political messyness, and tried to see if
we could together work around those hurdles.

> If this is a problem with Frans Pop or anyone else, why don't you talk with him
> ? Because he doesn't want to ? So, what's the point of telling it to every

Because since the start he refused to do so.

> Debian user ? What could we do to that, as simple Debian user ? Launch a
> petition ? Start a revolution ? Fork Debian ? The thing is, many users don't see

A petition would be good. A real debian fork is what they deserve, but
too much work obviously.

> the point in being told this story again and again, as this only annoys them,
> discredits you, and make the one who want you out of Debian laugh.

Indeed. But i only pointed it out in order to put the situation
straigth, and see what we can do in this regard.

This evening there is a d-i meeting, and one of the topics i added is
the future of the powerpc port. The d-i leadership refused to have me
present at that meeting, without any valid reason, and in total
irrespect of the social contract and our users. 

Maybe a solution is for powerpc users to show up there :


this evening, and ask the d-i folk to stop being childish *OR* to take
their responsabilities seriously, and do the work i used to do

> So please, find another way to solve this, as I don't think this method has
> given any positive result for now. I don't know what to do, but as you saw on
> this list, a lot of people are with you, and think that you are too much
> important for the ppc port to be lost. Just try to change the way you fix your
> relational problem with the other DDs.

There is no chance to solve it. I was never even given a chance to even
discuss it, none of my compromise proposals where heard, none of my
efforts to abide by their unfair rules where noticed and appreciated, i
was only dealt punishement and expulsion, and hindrance to do the
technical work i like to do and for which the readers of this list
appreciate me. None of the Debian power structures (DAMs, DPL) had any
respect for my work or position, and ruled undiscutably in favour of the
other party, irrespective of the reality of their claims.

So, again, i pointed out the current situation, and tried to think about
possible workaround, and what we could do to solve it. Very few seem to
have read the second mail, or commented on it in a positive way yet.


Sven Luther

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