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Re: The future of the debian/powerpc port ...

Charles Plessy wrote:
Le Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 09:05:41AM +0200, Sven Luther a écrit :
In both cases, the main point is work force, people interested in
contributing, and able to give some of their time for it.
Hi Sven,

I can test the installer on iMac G5 21' rev A when needed...

Have a nice day,

And I have some 64-bit Power3's that are just waiting for a kernel with sym53c8xx SCSI built in as opposed to being a module.  I tried building my own kernel with CLFS, but that failed after compiling a kernel and the book got HFS specific.  I don't know if this is because I configured the kernel wrong or if there was a typo in the book.  Installing Powerpc-utils_1.1.3 is what failed.  Specifically, [CC="${CC} ${BUILD32}" -o nvsetenv nvsetenv.c nwnvsetenv.c].  Apparently [-o] isn't recognized by bash as a legitimate command. :-/

Anyways, I've got four of these things laying around collecting dust just waiting to be worked on.  I'm a willing tester if I could only get past the SCSI boot problem. I love Debian as an operating system.  It's been a real blessing on my PC and runs great on it.  That's why I'm so frustrated that I can't successfully install it on my IBM workstations.  I'm willing to donate a couple to anyone local or willing to help pay for shipping.  I think more people will want to install linux on these as companies move onto newer systems and give away these old ones.

If my Rambus P3 can run great on Debian and be useful, surely a retired drafting computer can be.  At this point, I want to replace AIX any way I can.  Right now, these power3's are only good for being routers or web browsers.  CDE is hard to work with.


Greg Trigg

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