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Re: Ban for debian-powerp on Sven Luther lifted.

On Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 12:57:34AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:

> > We just lifted the ban on Sven Luther on this list.
> Thanks,

Yes, great! :)

> > As you might see in the Archive of d-project the name of Sven is still
> > causing irritations, so we now run the ban-lifting on a per request
> > basis and ask the users of the lists. (and d-powerpc isn't the first
> > list where we lifted the ban)
> Cord, i believe that the right thing would have been for the ban to
> happen on those lists which where users requested it, and not on all
> lists as it has been. The concept of censorship that debian used against
> me is a very grave act, and one of shame and dishonor for debian.
> > [...]
> Nothing in this mess has been helpful, and i can understand Børge
> reaction, which is the kind of reaction debian deserves for engaging in
> censorship and expulsion over a damn childish personal vendetta of a few
> guys.

Sven, I think it would be better to let the story rest in peace and to go on
and look forward instead looking backward. Nobody can change what happened,
but it will make many things easier for you, when you don't look back in
anger and always pointing everyone to what happened to you. 

> But anyway, thanks for lifting the ban, now, let's see if we can bring
> the powerpc port in action again, despite the clear will of the d-i
> leadership to kill it. I wanted to participate in this evenings d-i irc
> meeting (http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Meetings/Coordination),
> to discuss the status of the powerpc port, but the d-i folk rejected my
> participation.

Of course, everyone else should give you a fair chance either. Kicking you
out of an IRC meeting is not fair when you haven't complained about the past
so far. I hope that the d-i team stops its childish behaviour and becoming
interested in serious work and cooperation again. 
>From my point of view, the PPC port was losing quality after your expulsion
from the d-i team and it would be worthwhile for the port to get you back
doing serious work again. Both parties involved should concentrate on the
work to do and not on personal sympathy/antipathy. 
Let's up that everyone involved is professional enough to work together for
the sake of the PPC port!

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