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The future of the debian/powerpc port ...


As promised, i start a fresh thread to discuss the future of the powerpc
port. Just remembering a few relevant facts :

  - i was expulsed from debian on Frans Pop's request a few months ago,
    when the ban started.

  - i requested participation in this evening's d-i irc meeting to
    discuss the status of the powerpc port, but the d-i leadership did
    discuss this and don't want to work with me, despite my numerous
    conciliation attempts in their direction.

  - the debian multi-arch support is in limbo, and biarch was deemed not
    nice enough, so powerpc64 userland is not for the near future.

  - the kernel team, which don't consider myself as a member ayone,
    despite my past leadership role and central contribution, has
    rejected the PS3 patch set, even though sony themselves maintains

As thus, i see only a few alternatives :

  - others come, and do the part of the work i am not able to do. This
    is what the d-i leadership wants, in order to make me irrelevant,
    but in the now over a years since these events they failed to do so.

  - we fork d-i, or whatever part of debian which is blocking. I am
    almost prepared to do that, having a nice fast powerpc64 build
    machine online, but i don't have the time and energy to do this

In both cases, the main point is work force, people interested in
contributing, and able to give some of their time for it. Maybe a
powerpc debian fork will be able to muster more interest that the d-i
calls for volunteers, and maybe my personality as leader of such a fork
will be more friendly and open than the d-i team, i don't know.

Another option, but which is not really in my culture or the culture of
debian, is to opt for a kind of payed support scheme, which would allow
my company to actually hire DDs to work on the powerpc port. I already
made some proposals in this area for high end ibm servers setups, but to
little result upto now. It would be interesting to see what is the feedback
of the powerpc/debian community in this regard.

Sorry, if my participation in this or recent discussion sound angry or
complaining, but this is really a sore point for me, who gave so much
effort and time to debian over these past 9 years, and who got rejected
like so much garbage because some guys felt i was not respectful enough,
and don't want to work with me, despite being incapable of actually
replacing the work i had done. So i ask for understanding and to accept
my apologizes if i have inconvenienced you.


Sven Luther

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