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Re: Bug#429985: PPC installer kernel panic from libc problem

On Monday 02 July 2007 10:46, Peter Czanik wrote:
> I can't help you with coding, but I don't think, that testing the PPC
> installer once or twice a week on Pegasos PPC would be a problem for
> me.

That is an excellent offer. However, without somebody else from the 
PowerPC community able to help with tracing and fixing port specific 
issues, only testing may lead to frustration.

The main problem is that the "general" D-I people often cannot really help 
with issues they cannot reproduce on the architectures they do have 
access to, which includes any issues related to powerpc kernels, and 
architecture specific file systems and bootloaders, which in practice 
means most issues reported for powerpc.

> My only remark on this would be, that such a critical bug like this 
> was (the installer dies early), should have a bit earlier response, not
> just when it is fixed.

In general I agree with you, but the timing of the BR (it coincided with 
DebConf, which was very busy, but also very productive and a lot of fun) 
contributed to that not happening.
I also hoped (and expected) that the build machine would have been updated 
earlier, in which case the bug could have been closed earlier. However, 
for that we do depend on other volunteers and unfortunately things got 

As I said, we had already been working for a long time on lib reduction 
issues, I had your report flagged as ToDo in my mailbox [1] and I also 
feel that the issue was to some extend covered by the general message on 
the "D-I/Today" wiki page.

Also, the fact that we currently do not have an active PowerPC porter to 
help remind us of such issues _and_ do not have a D-I Release Manager 
really does not help.
For what it's worth, again my apologies for that.


[1] To give you some perspective, I currently have two mailboxes with D-I 
issues (not all bug/installation reports) I've been meaning to get back 
to sometime, totalling some 2500 messages...
D-I is a relatively large and complex project, and basically we just don't 
have enough manpower to deal with everything as promptly as we'd like.

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