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Re: Bug#429985: PPC installer kernel panic from libc problem


Frans Pop wrote:
> Let me also use this opportunity to remind the Debian PowerPC community 
> that are still looking for people willing to get involved more in the 
> installer for PowerPC and help us deal with port-specific issues.
> In this case, this bug report from Peter was the first indication that 
> this issue also affected powerpc (thanks for submitting the report 
> Peter!).
> (Please reply to the d-powerpc and d-boot mailing lists and not to the bug 
> report if you'd like to respond to this last part.)

I can't help you with coding, but I don't think, that testing the PPC
installer once or twice a week on Pegasos PPC would be a problem for me.
My only remark on this would be, that such a critical bug like this was
(the installer dies early), should have a bit earlier response, not just
when it is fixed.

(10 years of SuSE, and 2 years of SuSE PPC bugreporting...)

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