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Re: Bug#429985: PPC installer kernel panic from libc problem

On Thursday 21 June 2007 16:21, Peter Czanik wrote:
> Installation fails right after the kernel is booted with the following
> message:
> /bin/sh: symbol lookup error: /lib/libc.so.6: undefined symbol:
> _rtld_global Kernel panic - not syncing: attembed to kill init!

With today's daily images, this issue should now be fixed. It would be 
great if you could confirm that.

Note that CD images will only be fixed after the next bi-daily build, 
which should be available in about 4 hours from now.

The cause behind this issue is that there have been major changes in the 
toolchain (libc, gcc, ...) since the release of Etch which has caused the 
library reduction used when creating installer images to fail in 
different ways on different architectures. Almost all architectures have 
been affected and it has taken a fair amount of work from the D-I 
developers and various toolchain maintainers to trace and fix these 
A relatively recent change in kernel-wedge fixed this for a number of 
architectures [1], but it sometimes takes a while for all machines that 
take care of daily builds to be updated to the latest version of packages 
used during builds.

I hope this explains the situation somewhat and we're sorry for any 
inconvenience, but on the other hand we did put up a notice some time ago 
on [1] explaining that, because of the major changes happening after the 
release of Etch, issues with daily builds are to be expected [2].

Let me also use this opportunity to remind the Debian PowerPC community 
that are still looking for people willing to get involved more in the 
installer for PowerPC and help us deal with port-specific issues.

In this case, this bug report from Peter was the first indication that 
this issue also affected powerpc (thanks for submitting the report 

(Please reply to the d-powerpc and d-boot mailing lists and not to the bug 
report if you'd like to respond to this last part.)


[1] We currently still have an issue for alpha open.
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Today

P.S. For those of who are not already aware of this fact, I have resigned 
from Debian and thus as Release Manager for D-I. As there is not yet a 
new RM for D-I, I am still taking care of some areas, but that should 
diminish over the next weeks.

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