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Re: imac rev b mic input broke under etch

In data 01/07/2007 14:58 Dan MacDonald ha scritto:

I have recently installed etch onto my iMac revision b, which ALSA
tells me uses the Burgundy sound chipset. I have sound playback
working but I've been able to record anything via the mic input, which
I know is still working as I tried recording under OSX before I
installed etch. I have tried recording with arecord, audacity, sweep
and jokosher but had no luck with any of them.

Is this a flaw with 2.6.18-4 kernel or is mic input just not supported
on my platform? Has mic input ever worked on imac rev b linux under
the 2.6 kernel? Does it work under the 2.4 kernel?

I have tried too without success, you mean the bondi blue model?

I only obtained a beautiful rumor when i raised the mic volume to 100% with aumix, so the mic works but it still doesn't rec :( .

Giulio Canevari

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