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Re: Beryl on iBook g4

On Sun, 2007-06-10 at 20:43 +0100, Rob Andrews wrote:
> On 08-Jun-2007 06:59.13 (BST), Jack Malmostoso wrote:
>  > > With 32MB (Radeon 9200)
>  > > I had to hack around DRI limits to run Beryl at 1240x1024 and then it
>  > > chockes an more than few windows. 
>  > As I said, I use compiz and not beryl. I always had the feeling that 
>  > Beryl was more cpu and gpu intensive. I suggest you try compiz instead.
> Actually, I find compiz quite clunky (Radeon 9250 on 1GHz G4 machine).
> Beryl seems to behave itself much more, but because of the lack of Debian
> packages and wanting to keep up-to-date with unstable, I use metacity
> instead.
> If the iBook has a Radeon M10, that's an r300 series GPU. I found compiz and
> beryl to be particularly slow on the opensource r300_dri driver, and that's
> on an Athlon 64 4000+ with a Radeon X850XT.

See the thread 'Beryl - do I dare?' from the end of April.

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