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Re: Beryl on iBook g4

has anyone tried the powerbook g4 with a 9700 (m10)?

googling has unearthed recent commits to the main kernel.

have people had good experiences with it?


Jack Malmostoso wrote:
On Thu, 07 Jun 2007 22:10:07 +0200, Andrzej Mendel wrote:

May I ask you how much VRAM is in your machine?

32MB, the standard Radeon 9200.

With 32MB (Radeon 9200)
I had to hack around DRI limits to run Beryl at 1240x1024 and then it
chockes an more than few windows.

As I said, I use compiz and not beryl. I always had the feeling that Beryl was more cpu and gpu intensive. I suggest you try compiz instead.

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