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Suspend to disk on iBook G4 (mid 2005)

Hi list,

I would like to know what the status of suspend-to-disk in the last
kernel (2.6.18-4) is. I have an iBook G4 (mid 2005) and suspend-to-ram
is working well. I managed to have a working suspend-to-disk around
2.6.14 (if I remember well) thanks to the list, but then things got
worse: I can suspend, but on wake up, my machine hangs when I want to
start/come back to X. I use the hibernate script, and tried to put
various module in the blacklist (bcm43xx,...), but with no result.

Does anyone have it working on that computer ? If yes, I would be
interested in some hints to make it work. I don't have the iBook with
me right now, but I am ready to send some configuration files if

Thank you in advance for you help.

Best regards,


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