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Re: powerbook wakeup/boot display issue

Hello again,

Well it happened again last night on a wakeup but I couldn't change terminals - the system hadn't properly woken up. Maybe it had turned the LCD backlight on before everything else and then froze, I don't know. I will try Option "UseFBDev" "0" later, if I remember correctly it is turned on at the moment.

BTW the card in my machine is an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700, if that sheds any light on anything!

Thanks again all for your help/opinions,


Michel Dänzer wrote:
On Wed, 2007-01-17 at 22:49 +0900, Joseph Sanger wrote:
FYI. it was this forum that got me worried, its about half way down the page:


What do you think?

You mean the allegation that the radeon driver killed the GPU of a
'TiBook DVI' twice? It doesn't say which model exactly, in particular
whether it had a Mobility Radeon 7500 or 9000. FWIW, I ran the radeon
driver almost exclusively on the latter for over three years, that
machine now belongs to my gf and is still running OSX perfectly. Anyway,
it's even  less likely for this kind of blooming (which seems to be due
to the LCD controller powering down, as someone else pointed out; there
may be other causes that produce similar symptoms) to damage the GPU
than the very small likelihood for it to damage the panel.

BTW I forgot to mention, it sometimes happens on boot as well (maybe 1 in 10?). Once it happened just before the penguin appears at the top of the screen, but usually just before the debian login window.

If you're using Option "UseFBDev" in X, try without. Looks like it could
be a radeonfb issue.

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