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iBook 2.2 modem

I used to have an iBook G3 500 MHz Dual USB, with a modem that worked
with the pmac_zilog, a so-called "i2c-modem". I was not using it on a
regular basis, when I needed it recently, it was detected, but I could
not communicate with it. I thought the modem was broken, so I ordered
another modem on eBay, it has a smaller board and fits in the same port
as the old one.

Since my logic board had a display issue, I replaced it with an iBook
2.2 logic board at 800MHz and installed the newer modem. It is not
detected at all, pmac_zilog detects two serial ports, lsusb does not
detect a soft-modem. Still, there seems to be an i2c-modem entry in the
OF device tree
(/proc/device-tree/pci@f2000000/mac-io@17/i2c@18000/i2c-modem). Has
anyone have experience with this issue ? Is my older modem broken, if
not, can I install it on my board ? Is pmac_zilog broken in some way ?

If somebody can provide insight in this issue, I would appreciate it
very much.

Jonathan Bastien-Filiatrault, joe@x2a.org

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