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powerbook wakeup/boot display issue

Hi there,

Forgive me if this has been covered before, there were some messages in the archive which I couldn't seem to open.

I am new to Linux and have installed Debian Testing on a dual boot with OSX. I have a powerbook5,8 (one of the last ones, with the high-res screen).

The powerbook sleeps fine I think, but probably about 50% of the time, on wake-up, the display freezes with a black screen and then slowly begins to "bleach" white and purple from the top. Obviously I shut down immediately as this looks dangerous.

Also, probably about 1 in 10 startups causes the same problem.

I've Google'd but can't seem to find a definite fix.

When I type uname -a I get the following:

Linux debian #1 Mon Dec 4 15:30:06 CET 2006 ppc GNU/Linux

I haven't changed much from the basic install, but I did install pbbuttonsd.

I'm back on OSX for the moment - I dont really want to melt my hardware.

Please let me know if this isn't the appropiate forum for this message,


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