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Re: retiring from debian until end of february ...

> On Jan 2, 2007, at 4:41 AM, Dean Hamstead wrote:
> > i don't know the details of the argument, though i am disappointed
> > that
> > the leadership has not appropriately resolved the situation. but i
> > think
> > it can be safely said that computer skills != leadership skills.
> Indeed.
> This is a terrible failure of leadership.

To me, this looks like a terrible _absence_ of any leadership. A
'mediation' process that results in nothing but confirming the status quo
does not sound like it was even undertaken in good faith.

> My faith in the Debian community is severely shaken.

It's not the community that gives me second thoughts about my involvement.
Rather the current release and d-i project heads. I understand that
everyone is a bit tense, with the release schedule slipping and all that.
But this does not excuse anything, really.

> I have always respected Sven's technical expertise and his
> willingness to help.  His participation will be missed.
> I wish Sven the best of luck in his future work.

While I had my run-ins with Sven over the years, I can only agree
wholeheartedly. I hope a way can be found to keep him. For the time being,
my confidence in Debian and the upcoming etch release hit another all time


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