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Re: retiring from debian until end of february ...

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 11:28:13AM +0200, Justin Hartman wrote:
> All I can say, as I have no understanding of the history of this
> situation, is that it's disappointing to see the folk at Debian can't
> resolve issues.
> I recently move over to Debian from Ubuntu because they decided to can
> support for powerpc and I was hoping that the community distro would
> serve me better in the long run.
> A week ago I read about Dunc-Tank and now this and I find it all very
> sad. The community seems very divided at the moment (if only for a
> few) and it doesn't make good for the end-users like myself.
> I don't know both sides of the story but Sven I wonder why you even
> want to continue based on the few comments I read below and in the
> list.
> Where to from here with powerpc I wonder?

One last mail to this.

The solution, well, its a powerpc specific fork of debian and/or ubuntu. It
can be done if enough people help out. And it may help in re-integration in
the future. The debian case is easier than the ubuntu one, since basically
there is good powerpc support, and always will be, it is just a few stubborn
people in key position, who have something against me personally, but they
also were not able to find a replacement for me, despite strong words of
people like Holger.

No more mails now, but i wanted to clarify that me being silent for 2 months
on the lists doesn't necessarily mean i will not continue working on the
powerpc port.


Sven Luther

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