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retiring from debian until end of february ...

Hi all fellow powerpc users.

Shortly after christmas Fabio, the mediator in the dispute between Frans and
me, made a very surprising post, in which he asked that i be banned from the
debian mailing lists for 2 months. Given the technical problem in that, and
the bad precedent it sets, i proposed a self-imposed no-post policy.

The discussion was mostly held in private, with the single exception of :


which directly precedes this post. In the course of that discussion, many
rejected strongly this decision, some believed that this issue was only due to
my personal situation, others discussed how to address the more global debian
problem of the flamewars and so on.

Anthony Towns, our DPL, sole participation in this threads was to ask me
repeteadly to abide by the decision, and Frans Pop did post a mail where he
rejected a in-person meeting at FOSDEM at the end of february, and said he
would not accept any kind of mediation. Both these posts showed that the
mediation was probably doomed from the start, despite the good effort Fabio
made, and maybe his blundering helped show that any effort from my part will
be lost on Frans and the so called "leadership" of the d-i team. I asked for
Frans Pop's mail to be made public, but we will see.

So, where does this leave us ? Me, you and the debian-powerpc port ? Well, i
will still try to help as best i can, and resort to private replies if i can
help. I will take some time to reflect, and see if after there is still a hope
of cooperation with the d-i team, but if this fail to materialize, i will fork
d-i, and keep maintaining, with those who want to help me in this, a powerpc
port of it, and possibly a fork of the whole or part of the debian archive, or
at least the installation medias. We will see how things work out.

So, don't be surprised if i don't post here, and if debian/etch is maybe not
of the quality we could have hoped for on powerpc. If you have any comment, in
particular concerning the debian-powerpc mailing list ban, please reply to the
post above, so others will see it to, and maybe feel ashamed about their
handling of this problem.


Sven Luther

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