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Re: Installing Etch without re-installing Tiger.

--- Charles Plessy <charles-debian-nospam@plessy.org>

> Hi all,
> There are some howtos around, saying that debian
> must be installed on a
> partition which is located before osX. I am
> wondering if it still true,
its not a must but is strongly suggested. because
if you lose your vram/pram settings or need to
reset them you may then be unable to boot your
linux partition.

the reason for that is that computer will default
to boot off first bootable partion. but actually
all you really need is the little yaboot part.

personally i think you should have more partions
because disk slows down towards the second half.

so back it up and restore, have some data/free
partitions too.


> because this roughly means that osX has to be
> re-installed, and I have
> no time to do this (going in a separate office to
> get many boxes and
> software keys, installing proprietary software from
> CDs, downloading the
> updates on the net, rebooting, ...)
> On the other hands, I read some recent discussions
> in Ubuntu forums
> which talk about resizing and dual-booting. This
> sounds more doable.
> Can I just resize the hfs+ partition on my drive,
> and install Etch
> whereever partman left me some free space ?
> Have a nice day,
> -- 
> Charles Plessy
> http://charles.plessy.org
> Wako, Saitama, Japan
> -- 
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