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Re: bug#390432 - still no boot 2.6.18 here

On 10/23/06, Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org> wrote:
On Mon, 2006-10-23 at 03:01 -0700, Brian Morris wrote:
> well i tried again,  still same result as ever trying
> to boot 2.6.18 on my old powerbook.
> synopsis: bootx hangs after first line "welcome to linux",
> quik goes all the way to VFS: ... unknown block(0,0)
> (as if there is no initramfs). no floppy drive, so can't
> try miboot.

Quik can load an initrd at all ? I don't remember...
works fine with 2.6.15-1, if "modules=dep" is set in

What model of 'book is it ? A wallstreet ?
this is powerbook3400, ppc603ev, 80mbRAM,

What image file are you trying to boot from BootX ? Have you tried the
i am trying to boot the latest version from debian unstable, that is
2.6.18-1-powerpc, that is debian version (dpkg ----list) 2.6.18-3
"no video driver" option ? have you waited long enough ? (it might be
booting but failing to display...)

well i don't have a black screen, i get the first line and it hangs.
on 15 there is a pause where the screen clears and that was
i think the "black out" place before on g3s but not here. that is
what you called the trampoline ? i don't think this gets that far.

this powerbook has chips65550 (chips is now subdiv of intel),
not ati. that may explain why quik works on 15 and almost
works on 18. actually i needed quik with 2.6.8 on sarge it turned
out i was getting the random scsci hangs with bootx, but that was
further on in the boot, no evidence of that here.

quik is quik, it boots faster and runs faster, it would be much
better if i could use it. but it acts like it can't see the ram disk initrd.

i would be more willing to try building my own kernel if i knew
better what i could take out (config=n). my only guess that quik
will not boot because some people reported earlier with monolithic
kernel it would not boot a kernel bigger than 4mb.


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