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Re: bug#390432 - still no boot 2.6.18 here

On Mon, 2006-10-23 at 03:01 -0700, Brian Morris wrote:
> well i tried again,  still same result as ever trying
> to boot 2.6.18 on my old powerbook.
> synopsis: bootx hangs after first line "welcome to linux",
> quik goes all the way to VFS: ... unknown block(0,0)
> (as if there is no initramfs). no floppy drive, so can't
> try miboot.

Quik can load an initrd at all ? I don't remember...

What model of 'book is it ? A wallstreet ?

What image file are you trying to boot from BootX ? Have you tried the
"no video driver" option ? have you waited long enough ? (it might be
booting but failing to display...)


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