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Re: Screen blackout-theme Bug

On Sat, Oct 21, 2006 at 02:02:20PM -0700, John Wyatt wrote:
> Hi, my name is John, I am refurbishing a bunch of old iMacs for a school by installing Debian PPC on them and I came across this bug while playing with the themes in GDM.
> When I choose the Mist theme in the GDM display manager, gdm changes theme then blacks out the screen. I know its working back there, but it refuses to reload the screen and I have to restart the computer.

Please file a bug report against gdm and/or gdm-themes.

apt-get install reportbug
reprotbug gdm

Should be the way to go.

> I'm using Debian stable(3.1) PPC with the installation choices of Desktop with the cd install. X is using the framebuffer driver.
> I'm running on an old iMac(2001) with the latest firmware(also 2001) with the hard drive taken over by the installer.
> If you need anymore info or know who to direct my email to, please let me know. I hate to have leave this bug on the computer(or if any of you know if it was fixed in testing or unstable, please let me know that too).

Posting to this list is not helpful in trying to get issues solved, filing bug
report is. Most often than not, those who should be fixing or have a clue
about said bug are not reading debian-powerpc, and expecting others to forward
the bug to the right place is not so nice.


Sven Luther

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