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Re: Screen blackout-theme Bug

it would be best if you upgrade one to etch
and if the bug persists then report it. as
etch is due to be release shortly, the
most attention to bug fixing would be there/now,
and much less chance the sarge bug gets
fixed from here on.

particularly if the use includes any computer
science teaching, etch is much more recent, and
the xorg switch from xfree is much more reliable
and maintainable (another reason sarge bug
unlikely to get fixed here).

i would think it should run fine on these, 
as 2001 imac is other than lack of g4, pretty
much of current generation (my neighbor has one
with macosX.4 tiger on it, appears fine).

i assume you know how to do upgrade. particularly
of just the kernel, X, gnome and support files
in order to test ? 


--- John Wyatt <jbwyatt4@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi, my name is John, I am refurbishing a bunch of
> old iMacs for a school by installing Debian PPC on
> them and I came across this bug while playing with
> the themes in GDM.
> When I choose the Mist theme in the GDM display
> manager, gdm changes theme then blacks out the
> screen. I know its working back there, but it
> refuses to reload the screen and I have to restart
> the computer.
> I'm using Debian stable(3.1) PPC with the
> installation choices of Desktop with the cd install.
> X is using the framebuffer driver.
> I'm running on an old iMac(2001) with the latest
> firmware(also 2001) with the hard drive taken over
> by the installer.
> If you need anymore info or know who to direct my
> email to, please let me know. I hate to have leave
> this bug on the computer(or if any of you know if it
> was fixed in testing or unstable, please let me know
> that too).
> John
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