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Problem with v3 sarge release on oldworld.

The kernel on the CD in the latest sarge release (2.6.8-3) appears to have no support for hfs or hfsplus, either inbuilt or in modules on the installer initrd.   As a result, attempting to install it on oldworld powermacs is an exercise in frustration, since there's no simple way to mount an OS9 readable volume to move the initrd over, and without a proper initrd, the system just won't boot (either with BootX or miBoot).  (My only workaround idea so far has been to use a zip disk formatted FAT, but since this involves editing an /etc/fstab and having a working zip drive, it's unlikely to be too promising for most newbies).   There also seem to be some other relatively common missing modules-- my ATI Radeon 8500, which was definitely supported on the first two sarge release CDs, no longer seems to be inbuilt, or at least the standard "video= radeonfb:vmode:1280x1024@75:cmode:32" no longer works.
In addition, has anyone had any luck with later kernel versions and oldworld macs (mine is an 8600 with a G3 card in it)?   I know that Ben H. had submitted a patch to 2.6.18 to fix BootX, but I've had no luck whatsoever (miBoot or BootX) with anything after about 2.6.12-- the initrd created by the system doesn't appear to find my SCSI root drive, even with the "root=/dev/sda7" kernel arg, and I crash to console on boot as a result.

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