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suspend to ram/disk


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First of all, unfortunately I don't have a ppc machine;)

I'm the maintainer of uswsusp, it is a set of programs to use the
vanilla kernel to suspend the machine to ram/disk or both. It adds
encryption, compression and a splash screen (the last one isn't
released yet).

Currently it isn't build for ppc, because I don't know to much about
how to get a ppc s2ram. Here you guys come in;)

Do you need also need to do all these weird quirks to get your graphics
card to get out of sleep (vbetool, radeontool and the like)? 
I saw some code flying around doing some ioctl()s on /dev/pmu. Is that
all you need to safely s2ram?

If that's all there is, than it will be easy to add ppc support to uswsusp.

grts Tim

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