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Re: call for testers: powerpc graphical debian installer

Sven Luther wrote:
Hi all,

It seems we finally got most issues with the graphical installer on powerpc
sorted out, thanks to all those who tested, and to Attilio who provided the
patch. I have done a build which you can find at :

Off topic the date on server is

Parent Directory <http://people.debian.org/%7Eluther/g-i/powerpc/> 01-Oct-2006 18:05 - [ ] initrd.gz <http://people.debian.org/%7Eluther/g-i/powerpc/gtk-miniiso/initrd.gz> 01-Oct-2006 18:10 9.7M [ ] mini.iso <http://people.debian.org/%7Eluther/g-i/powerpc/gtk-miniiso/mini.iso> 01-Oct-2006 18:20 15.4M [ ] vmlinux <http://people.debian.org/%7Eluther/g-i/powerpc/gtk-miniiso/vmlinux> 01-Oct-2006 18:12 3.8M [ ] vmlinuz-chrp.initrd <http://people.debian.org/%7Eluther/g-i/powerpc/gtk-miniiso/vmlinuz-chrp.initrd> 01-Oct-2006 18:22 2.1M
Apache/1.3.33 Server at people.debian.org Port 80

and the real date is ee@p22:~$ date -u
Mon Oct  2 00:22:48 UTC 2006
please check . Thanks

(Well, in an hour or so, once i finish uploading it).

We would like people to test the gtk-miniiso images, both on 32bit and 64bit
machines, and would probably be most interested in tests from those not using
radeon graphic cards, like those having nvidia based powermacs.

A list of known issues, and already tested hardware can be found here :


Where you can see what is missing. Please report here, and/or file in that
page, if you have hardware not yet tested.

prep boxes are known not to work yet (needs 2.6.18 -prep kernel), and i am not
sure about the oldworld status, but it would be interesting to know if those
images can be booted with bootx.


Sven Luther

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