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Re: xkb-data with support for Mac keyboards into unstable

Hello Denis,
On Fri, Sep 29, 2006 at 09:40:44PM +0200, Denis Barbier wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 29, 2006 at 05:02:33PM +0200, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> [...]
> > Denis: Do you by chance know, who works on the PowerPC installation
> > manual?
> In debian-installer, one selects a *console* layout; only a subset
> of keymaps from console-data are included because of space constraints.
> There is code in xserver-xorg.config to transform the selected console
> keymap into XKB settings.
> How are these settings selected?  Some users performed tests for their
> hardware, gave their selected console keymap and their desired XKB
> settings, so that xserver-xorg.config can be updated.
> We are now very late in the release cycle, I am not sure if this can
> be fixed, but if you want to try, please hurry up.
> To me, those XKB settings do not belong to installation manual, but I
> will be glad to add a README for Mac users into xkb-data if someone
> can write detailed instructions.

Well, once Etch is released, I can have a look at the installer to see
what it does. What I intend(ed) was to put something in the
installation guide for PowerPC (at least for now) which explains how
to switch between Mac-like third level assignement and PC-like third
level assignement. I guess you or some d-i person gets to chose which
will be the default for X, but users might not like that. Therefore I
volunteered to provide an easy to find explanation. Additionally
something like this could go into a README for xkb as well, if you
think that is sensible. For Etch+1 there should be a possibility in
d-i to choose it, but right now thats IMHO not possible anymore.

> > I could see that I get documentation for this setting into it.
> > And if it helps calm things down, we could "mac"e the apple-layout the
> > default.
> In another thread, Wolfgang asked days ago what is the plan for the
> future.  As explained above, testing keymaps of debian-installer
> would help fixing current bugs.

Sorry, right now I need my laptop working but I will see if I can
nevertheless to a test install for Etch+1.


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