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Re: prematurely deleting kernel packages !?!?!

--- Hans Ekbrand <hans.ekbrand@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 12:52:25AM -0700, brian
> wrote:
> I also have tested the .18 kernel Sven refered me to
> without success
> (the one with BenHs patch for loading initrd). I got
> a mail that the
> bug I reported was closed 366620, but I haven't
> responded, I guess I

i wish you would. the one advantage though i see
to them putting this out "as is" is now i/we can
file a new bug report against the fix,

> should have, but I don't use the box in question
> anymore. And for
> every kernel I test, I have to rescue with the woody
> install floppies
> if it fails (I do that pretty fast, by now).

i don't use floppies, i use bootx, so i can boot the
old kernel without too much hassle. although i prefer
to use quik, then there is more of a hassle if i
the kernel version it wants.

i was pretty happy briefly, boooting sarge via bootx
and etch via quik.

another thing if you want to test, especially see
if you have a way to work on a copy it can also
a rescue option. so i have a sarge partition and
a backup, assuming you can get a backup drive some
where (i found old ones cheap like for $5 surplus)
> Since the problem is well-known, failing to load the
> initrd, it is
> easy to workaround, by compiling in the drivers for
> the harddisk that
> / is on directly into the kernel. I have
"have means i take it you just tested it, but you
are not actually using it,or are you waiting for
time to upgrade ?

> successfully ran a 2.6.18
> kernel with the ide disk and ext2 complied into the
> kernel.
i am still not sure this is safe to use on a
system although it may boot, if you said you had used
it for say 40 hours or something with no consequences 
then i would trust it much more (this means also you
did the complete "dist-upgrade"). for instance is
your udev and sys and all that working properly (or
maybe you don't need it ?). 
> Being forced to use custom kernels is of course
> rather annoying in the
> long run.
used to be it was more efficient actually once you
got it going, but i am not sure it is so much 

annoying to me my interests not so much aligned
with the linux kernel. if i were more of a c 
programmer it could be good experience for me
but right now i am not sure. i mean i am past
the stage where compiling and configuring really 
mean much to me, if my studies led me into
operating systems then i would be more than
willing to look into the situation further but
right now it seems like a distraction.

my hunch tho, a strong one, is that the new initrd
new support is going to be necessary in the
future. it may first be necessary in some cases
to have a regular kernel but i would try and
get the initrd support working if at all possible.

it seems some of the problem is around merging the
subarches and so i bet they are not too eager to
branch it again.

still the deletion of the 15 series before a solution
is tested has lowered my trust in debian a notch,
with the general management of the whole etch thing.
i still think the people are mostly great but the
organization has some real significant conflicts.

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> <hans@sociologi.cjb.net>
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