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custom 2.6.18 and bcm43xx

Hi list:

I usually build custom kernels and work with them without problems.
I've been using 2.6.17.x up to and included with bcm43xx
without a glitch. With this kernel and using network-manager I get
association and dhcpoffer from my router almost instantly.

But then I tried a vanilla 2.6.18, built upon the same config as
2.6.17.x, and I've observed these things:

1) network manager doesn't get an IP at first try (I mean the gnome
applet animated graphics), the wireless network is detected but I've to
tell network manager 2,3 or 4 times (it depends) to associate with it
until it finally does.

2) In this process of network-manager trying to associate with my
network the machine some times hangs hard, but...

3) ...still worse: in one case (yesterday) I experimented my first
sudden power off since I have this powerbook-G4 12". After restarting,
the nvram was reseted (clock was at 1 jan..., fn status key was changed
from my preferences, etc...).

Apart from these issues with bcm43xx the kernel works ok for me.
Has anyone observed this behaviour?

A. Corbi

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