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Re: prematurely deleting kernel packages !?!?!

On Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 12:52:25AM -0700, brian wrote:


> i found 2.6.18 in unstable and will try that, but 
> i can't believe even if it were tested and shown
> to work on all the old world powerpc it is hardly
> yet time to delete it as it would not come down for
> another at least a week i would expect.(frankly,
> after getting no response to my test results i don't
> expect it to work here)

Me neither.

> actually i am starting to feel intuitively that 15 is
> getting stretched too far, there have never been and
> will never be any updates for it, so my choice i 
> suppose if 18 doesn't work is to go back to
> sarge until i hear that it does. 

Use a custom 2.6.18 kernel, see below.

> also i wish i had heard someone else here to try
> the 18 package, there were no reports at all, what
> is the deal, everybody disappearing just when it
> is important ??

I also have tested the .18 kernel Sven refered me to without success
(the one with BenHs patch for loading initrd). I got a mail that the
bug I reported was closed 366620, but I haven't responded, I guess I
should have, but I don't use the box in question anymore. And for
every kernel I test, I have to rescue with the woody install floppies
if it fails (I do that pretty fast, by now).

Since the problem is well-known, failing to load the initrd, it is
easy to workaround, by compiling in the drivers for the harddisk that
/ is on directly into the kernel. I have successfully ran a 2.6.18
kernel with the ide disk and ext2 complied into the kernel.

Being forced to use custom kernels is of course rather annoying in the
long run.

Hans Ekbrand (http://sociologi.cjb.net) <hans@sociologi.cjb.net>
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