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prematurely deleting kernel packages !?!?!


i reported here when the rc 2.6.18 kernel failed to
boot my old world mac (pre g3), and also that i had
been using 2.6.15 that was the only way i could run
etch/testing. i was a bit bothered that i recieved
no comment, but i just figured well peoples time
is limited, someone may work on it when they have
a chance.

today i wanted the kernel headers and i found out that
all the 2.6.15 powerpc packages were gone from debian.

i found 2.6.18 in unstable and will try that, but 
i can't believe even if it were tested and shown
to work on all the old world powerpc it is hardly
yet time to delete it as it would not come down for
another at least a week i would expect.(frankly,
after getting no response to my test results i don't
expect it to work here)

actually i am starting to feel intuitively that 15 is
getting stretched too far, there have never been and
will never be any updates for it, so my choice i 
suppose if 18 doesn't work is to go back to
sarge until i hear that it does. 

also i wish i had heard someone else here to try
the 18 package, there were no reports at all, what
is the deal, everybody disappearing just when it
is important ??


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