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Re: Mightymouse horizontal scroll with kernel 2.6.18

El vie, 22-09-2006 a las 15:29 +0200, Johannes Berg escribió:
> > "/dev/input/event6" is where evtest says it's attached the mightymouse:
> > # evtest /dev/input/event6
> > Input driver version is 1.0.0
> > Input device ID: bus 0x3 vendor 0x5ac product 0x304 version 0x108
> > Input device name: "Mitsumi Electric Apple Optical USB Mouse"
> Now let it run for a while while you scroll horizontally. Note that the
> events come out, but X ignores them. At least on my system.
> johannes

Hi Johannes:

Thanks for your answer. I already did that, the 'evtest /dev/....' test
works for me, it reports data incoming from /dev/input/event6 as long as
I use the 'Driver "mouse"' in Section "InputDevice" for the MMouse of

My problem is when I use the 'Driver "evdev"' in that section in
xorg.conf, then the xserver reports a 8 button MMouse in Xorg.0.log but
the mouse does not work (neither moves the pointer nor emits button
clicks) -don't know if I explain clearly here-.


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