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Mightymouse horizontal scroll with kernel 2.6.18

Hi list:

Now that kernel 2.6.18 is out I decided to try again the horizontal
scroll capability of the mightymouse with xorg.

I've configured a section like this:

Section "InputDevice"
        Identifier "MightyMouse"
        Driver "evdev"
        Option "Protocol"     "evdev"
        Option "Device"       "/dev/input/event6"
        Option "Buttons"      "8"
        Option "Dev Name"     "Mitsumi Electric Apple Optical USB Mouse"
        Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5 6 7"

"/dev/input/event6" is where evtest says it's attached the mightymouse:
# evtest /dev/input/event6
Input driver version is 1.0.0
Input device ID: bus 0x3 vendor 0x5ac product 0x304 version 0x108
Input device name: "Mitsumi Electric Apple Optical USB Mouse"

And it seems xorg detects it, from Xorg.0.log I can see:

(II) MightyMouse-usb-0001:10:1b.2-2.2.1/input0: Found 4 relative axes.
(II) MightyMouse-usb-0001:10:1b.2-2.2.1/input0: Configuring as pointer.
(**) MightyMouse-usb-0001:10:1b.2-2.2.1/input0:
HWHEELRelativeAxisButtons: 6 7.
(**) MightyMouse-usb-0001:10:1b.2-2.2.1/input0:
WHEELRelativeAxisButtons: 4 5.
(II) MightyMouse-usb-0001:10:1b.2-2.2.1/input0: Found 4 mouse buttons
(II) MightyMouse-usb-0001:10:1b.2-2.2.1/input0: Configured 8 mouse

But that's all :(, the pointer doesn't move. button-clicks don't work...

Has anyone managed to get horizontal scroll working with this mouse?,

Tank's for your help.
A. Corbi.

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