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Re: Re: problem boot debian on powerbook g3 (pismo/firewire)

Good morning!
I worked on this problem the hole weekend, so
it seems to be a problem with the powerbook itself,
because I used 5 different CD (3.0, 3.1, ubuntu, etc.)
from a friend. He burned it with a plextor premium -
so it can't be the fault of the cds.

I don't know, what to do next!

black screen sounds funny, if you have still
problem after trying all of the above, if it still
does that you may have to reset the open firmware
"screen" variable (like pcs bios, sort of). well
others here can probably advise better than me,
i never have had that problem ( i have some idea
what to do but its your machine not mine ). but the
greatest chance it seems is you have a bad cd,
somehow or other.

After the boot from the cd there is everytime a blank screen.
can somebody help?

Thanks a lot

Florian Znottka


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